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2014 Rule changes are on pages 3 & 4 of the rule book.

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Dates to remember for 2014-
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2014 All NCWLOA meetings start at 7:30 PM in the East Meadow HS Little Theater

April 14, 2014 - Uniform change over date ( Call your partner)
May 6, 2014---End of Season & Elections / 3 Person Review
June 18, 2014---Lacrosse Dinner ( Singleton's in Bethpage)
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2014 Rule Changes - HIGHLIGHTS - Please Read the Book !!
TIME TO GET IN SHAPE - We are getting older- They aren't
Rules Emphasis for 2014


Illegal Contact, Illegal use of Crosse and Crosschecking
Illegal contact now includes, but is Not limited to, contact made with a stick that is being held in a Horizontal position. The foul will be on the player holding the stick horizontally. It is NOT illegal to hold one's stick horizontally. Contact when horizontal is illegal.(Page 4 & 41 of rule book) A cross-check occurs when a player uses the crosse to hit, push, or displace an opponent.(Page 4 & 41 of rule book)
Repetitive Fouls
Officials need to recognize and properly penalize individuals or teams committing repetitive violations. In addition to awarding the opponent a free position, employment of game management skills such as warning and/or carding must be considered and used appropriately for the safety and integrity of the game.( Page 4 & 44)
Body Contact
No body contact unless incidental, shall be allowed. (Page 4)
Obstruction to Free Space to Goal
Official's must consider whether or not the attack has the opportunity to shoot as the 'Focus' for making the call. (Page 4 & 42-43)